You can call me Gill (the G is like Geoff)! I’m the one-woman show making and designing these gorgeous foil invites.

I work out of my home studio in Waterloo, Ontario where I live with my wonderful video game-loving husband.

When I’m not in my studio, you might find me shouting out answers to Jeopardy! reruns (it’s a LOT easier when you’ve seen the episode already) or letting John Oliver rant at me from his blank void.

I’m an INFJ, so you know I care about people, enjoy listening and try to do what I know is right.

hey new friend!

Gillian is quite possibly the kindest and most lovely person to work with! We absolutely love her shop and appreciate her empathy.


Care about making your guests feel special

Are looking for someone to work with, not someone to work for you

Want a personalized experience and custom design without appointments and phone calls 

Like to treat yourselves to nice things once in a while

we'd be a great fit if you...

I know your invitations are kind of a big deal and that you’re trusting me with designing your guests’ first impression and I don’t take that lightly.

I pride myself on really getting to know you and your style, being great at listening to you and figuring out what you want and need and then translating that into beautiful pieces of paper you will be SO excited to send!

I know it’s super cheesy to say, but imagining your guests opening your invites (and loving them, of course..) drives me and that’s why I really love what I do.

I’m the kind of person who can’t sleep when I think people will be unhappy with my work, and I really love sleep, so I’ve got you. You’re in great hands here and I can’t wait to start working together!

i pride myself on...

yes, please!

no, thanks!

Autumn vibes (with some pumpkin pie)

Audiobooks & wireless earbuds

Salted caramel everything (like everything, everything)

John Oliver monologues

Cold brew with cream

Snuggling on the couch (with my fave Buffy ep!)

Peanut butter (ick!)

Any kind of housework (thank you wonderful husband!)

Watermelon (all melon, really)

The original Dirty Dancing (I’ll take Havana Nights any day..)

Lost (because like, wtf?)

Racism, homophobia and general bigotry

It’s time to get in touch with me — I look forward to getting to know you better. Head over to the contact page for more info!


ready to go?