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I absolutely love everything about stationery and creating luxury pieces. So you can be confident that what you’ll receive from me is beautiful, high-quality, and artfully handcrafted. 

When working with me, you don't have to worry about all the little details, as I handle everything from concept to printing, focusing on fully custom foil-stamped wedding invitation suites. That means I can create all those little details you’ve been picturing and pinning — like vellum accents, wax seals, die cuts, and specialty foils — all made with you in mind!

At Copper + Blush, invitations and wedding day paper goods are my jam! 

We were given SO many compliments about the look and feel of the invitations, and specifically about how they embodied our personalities so well, and set the scene for a fancy and high quality event!


how i work

I prefer to think of invitation design as a collaborative process. Sure, I do all the heavy lifting, but not without carefully listening to what you need and want and understanding your inspiration and the style you’re after.

My goal here is to create something you’ll absolutely love, so that means starting by understanding you two and then translating that into a beautiful, fully-custom invitation suite you will be so excited to send to your guests.

One nice thing (among many others) about my process is that because it’s all custom, every piece you get from me will be thoughtfully designed and completely cohesive. 

From your save the dates to your invites and all your day-of goods like place cards, menus and signage, each piece will flow together to create a harmonious experience for you and your guests.


Hot foil stamping is a luxury printing method. It’s a die-based process where your design is etched into a metal plate (die), which is then heated in a press and used to stamp and fuse foil to your invitation card. It's a lot like letterpress, but leaves a bit less of an impression, but much more shiny delight.
Metallic foil finishes come in a wide variety of options, with gold, silver and rose gold being the most popular. That said, there is a rainbow of possibility here, for whatever you and your guests will love.
Because each foiled piece requires its own custom stamping die, start-up printing costs can be high. I don’t require a minimum number of suites per order, but you can anticipate your quote will account for set-up costs like these. 

HIGH-END materials

Copper+Blush proudly uses only luxury cardstock and envelope brands for your invitations sets. I love incorporating colour into my designs, so I stick with a few high-end brands that offer a range of colours in heavy weights. That means your invitations won’t look like anyone else’s!
Love of colour aside, I’ll happily play with the brightest white to deepest black and so many in between — whatever suits your wedding style best — and they all look fab with your hand-selected metallic foil finishes. 
If you're interested in seeing or feeling the materials yourself, you can order an invitation sample!


Each invitation suite is unique and priced based on a multitude of factors. That said, most couples can expect to spend $1800-2500 for a 150-guest wedding (or ~100 suites).

see my work

Wow... they came and they look AMAZING!!! Live up to and exceed the description. Fantastic quality, worth every penny. Can’t express how happy I am.



reach out

If you think we’re a good fit, you can request my Ordering Guide to read more about the process and the finer details.

From there, we’ll do a consultation (either a questionnaire or a Zoom chat — totally up to you!) I'll ask a few more questions and get to know you and what you're looking for before sending you a proposal and quote.

You'll want to ensure you book at least 6 months before your wedding.


Once you're booked in officially with a signed agreement and retainer, initial design sketches begin.

You’ll have options to review for layout, a curated selection of fonts, and overall design direction for each piece of your suite.

With your feedback in hand, I’ll custom design each piece of your invitation package, followed by revisions when needed, to ensure everything is as polished as possible.




Upon approval of your entire suite, production begins. First organizing all of your details, then ordering materials, including those all-important custom foil stamping dies.

Each card is professionally printed or handcrafted and stamped in my home studio.

We finalize every piece with my rigorous quality checks before your invitations are carefully assembled, envelopes are sealed, and your suites are shipped to you ready for the post office.

Opening our package and seeing the invitations that I had been working on for months for the first time was THE highlight. They were perfect in every way, plus I didn't have to stress over the assembly or the time consuming work.


A sample pack is the perfect way to experience our invitation suites in person. See and feel the quality of the materials and the luxury of hot foil stamped cards.

Samples include:

see for yourself



A full invitation suite 
Full-size invitation cards
Details and RSVP cards
Printed vellum wrap
Die-cut cards in various shapes
Labels on each piece

Price covers the cost of shipping and will be refunded on a full invitation order.

It’s time to get in touch with me — I look forward to getting to know you better. Head over to the contact page for more info!

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