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Picture this: your guest opens their mailbox to find a beautifully addressed envelope. They are immediately excited to open it up! They pull out a beautiful stack of cards and just say, “Wow! This is STUNNING!” They call to their partner, “Honey, come see what we got!” as they fill in the RSVP card.

If you’re the kind of person that loves fancy things, but you’re just not sure how to make it happen for your invitations, I’ve got you! I’m going to tell you exactly how to upgrade your wedding invitations to give your guests a taste of luxury before they even get to your venue. So without further ado: here are my top 6 tips for upgrading your wedding invitations:

Oh yes! It’s definitely time to talk rose gold accents. I don’t know about you, but I am ALL about the metallics right now, so I’m bringing you 15 ways to add rose gold accents to your wedding.

When you said “yes!” to your person, you probably didn’t think planning a wedding would be full of so many rules. I mean, formal events like this are truly another level when it comes to etiquette. So to help you out, I’ve put together some answers to the most common invitation etiquette questions I am asked.

We all know figuring out your wedding budget can be scary. Thankfully, we have guides like this that will walk you through how to figure out how much you have, where you’ll spend it, and how to keep track as you continue to spend it.

The best gifts are ones you give with thought and love. I’ve assembled this bridesmaid gift guide to help you put together the best possible gift for your girls. It’s designed as a jumping off point for you and your personalized gift box. Here are my absolute favourite items for bridesmaid gifts. I particularly love that nearly all of these are personalizable with a lovely message or your bestie’s name. Now that’s a great way to make a girl feel special!

There’s nothing like a thoughtful gift to get your buddies excited to stand with you on your wedding day. I’ve put this groomsman gift guide together to help you assemble the best and most memorable gift for your best guys. It’s designed to be a jumping-off point for you and your personalized gift box.

Woohoo! You’re engaged! Congrats, girl! Now that you’ve got that sparkling ring on your finger, it’s time to get to work. Organizing a beautiful wedding takes time, dedication and a lot of help. You’ll have to try on a lot of wedding dresses, taste a lot of cakes and send a lot of invitations before you say “I do.”

Now that the two most important people in the wedding have been confirmed, it’s time to start planning and choose your wedding party! They’re there to help you nail every aspect of your wedding up until you’re standing at the altar, so choosing your wedding party is a pretty important decision.

When it comes to addressing your wedding invitations, sometimes the rules can be a bit tricky. In this guide, I’ll go through some general rules for how to address your wedding invitations as well as how to handle titles and mailing address rules.