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Alright, alright, I know. Building your ideal guest list is not much fun. In fact, it’s probably the absolute worst part of wedding planning. I mean, talk about drama, am I right? I know brides who had so much trouble with their guest list they just gave up and eloped. But I won’t let that be you. I want to help make building your guest list actually easy — dare I say, it could even be FUN??

Now that your wedding is over and you’ve had time to relax and bask in your newly married life, it’s time to write your wedding thank you cards. Every guest spent the time (and money!) to come and celebrate with you and your partner, so you’ll want to let them know how much you appreciate their love and support! If you’re unsure of exactly how the thank you process works, have no fear! We’re here to help.

Your wedding vows are a special moment between you and your partner — and all of your guests! These vows, though, are not just important for the wedding; they are important for your entire marriage. These are the promises and commitments you are making for your life together with your spouse. So, they’re kind of a big deal.

Proposing to your bridesmaids happens once in a lifetime — here’s your chance to make it super special. We both know your bridesmaids (and maid of honor!) will be doing a lot for you in the coming months.